Lisel goes crazy for no reason – What? That’s right.

My first post after a looong spell. It’s good to be back! Hi everyone! ^.^

Anyway, on with the show. This entry is going to be about *Drumroll* Emoting! Yes, you heard me correctly. I’m going to look at the best ways to use emoting, when you should, why, and how; As well as give some examples.

What are these mystical things called “Emotes”?


^^ According to Google at least… Do I agree with it? In this case, no. Yes, emotes are used to portray emotion, but they are used for so much more within RP. Because we lack the ability to change our character’s facial expression, or even move our arms; It is our only way to actually tell and show what we’re doing. And that’s why it’s so important.

Why do we use emotes?

It’s quite simple really. Because what we can do IC is limited, we need a way to articulate what our characters are doing. As we all know, Blizzard don’t seem to introduce new things for RP’ers very often, and about the most exciting thing we can do, is sit down on a chair.

This is why we use them. To articulate what we’re doing. It’s fine talking, but do you talk when you read? Very rarely. So if we couple this with the fact that we can’t do anything in game, people think you’re simple sitting in a chair, looking at the wall… You might even be seen as a psychopath. Not exactly desirable is it? … No.

When should we use these things?

As often as you like. Believe it or not, there is a difference between good emoting, and bad emoting. I try and use informative, descriptive emotes to set the scene and to give additional information.

I would encourage you all to use more, because it really adds to the experience.

Examples of emotes

A good emote : *Lisel sits in front of the roaring fire and opens her thick leather bound book. Then proceeds to read the intricate words.*
A bad emote : *Lisel will be right back.*
Another bad emote : *Lisel thinks about what she had for breakfast.*

But what about this one? : *Lisel throws the scarf around her neck. It’s cold outside.*

Is the last one a good or bad one? You tell me.


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