Burn them! – Hold your horses!

Hello! Today, I’m going to talk about Warlocks, and casting within RP. Do it right, it looks amazing. Do it wrong, you feel a fool. This is true of all types of combat in RP, but today, being a Warlock I’ll focus on that.

There are a few things you need to consider before burning someone’s skin off. They are as follows :
Location, location, location

Would you honestly see a Warlock running around Stormwind firing chaos bolts at people? No… Well technically, that’s not true, you might… But then again the Warlock would probably be killed by guards. The point here, is that even though you need to consider the location, you also need to consider the impact that a spell will have at that location. A Warlock wouldn’t be seen running around with a demon either, so don’t do it.

I want to kill! Rargh! – Hold on… What about the effects of casting?

Yes, believe it or not, I’ve seen a lot of Mages or Warlocks sprinting around burning everyone to bits with no regards to the physical effects of casting. Read the books, spells take their toll on the characters. So realistically speaking, constantly casting spells for a prolonged period of time is incorrect. If you want to add more depth and immersion to your RP, try this : *Lisel pants for breath and falls to her knees. She rummages through her satchel for jerky.* Good eh? I thought you’d like it.

I’ve had my dose of jerky! Let me burn stuff! – Spells don’t just happen you know…

To add an air of realism… No wait, realism is the wrong term… To make the casts seem realistic in regards to the game (That’s better), you need to think about cast times and the effects during casting. It’s quite simple really. Here’s an example : *Lisel flips open her tome and quickly finds the right page. Reading quickly, she closes her eyes and concentrates, hard. She chants quietly and opens her hand, palm up. A small ball of green energy hovers above her palm. She opens her eyes.*

For someone who hasn’t cast spells before, it can be quite daunting. But use the surroundings to your advantage. Use your character. If they have a tome, use it. If they are wielding a dagger, use it. It all adds to the scene and immerses players. Try it.

Demons, demons, demons

Be very careful with demons. These things can kill the atmosphere and make you look like an amateur… If, you don’t use them right. Get it done right, and you’ll be labelled a pro. Don’t forget, summoning a demon is no easy feat. It takes time, energy, oh and a pentagram. Don’t forget to RP the pentagram being drawn on the floor with chalk, and candles being laid outDon’t have any chalk or candles? Tough, you can’t summon one.


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