Books are boring… I want to make my own story.

So, I’ve been an avid RP’er for over 2 years now. Not a very long time when you look at it really, but I’ve seen my fair share of stories since I began. Good stories. Bad stories; And stories that make me go “Wow, that was amazing.”

We all want to make one of those “Wow!” moments, but if we don’t know where to begin, it can be a daunting task. A while ago, I wrote a guide about  how to write a successful storyline. This time, I’m not going to discuss how to structure it, but what you can write about. Prepared? I hope so.

These “Wow!” stories can be about anything. They can be about an event that’s happening in the world, or could be about a character that has been hard done by. Generally speaking, most of the better stories are about these things, and we often don’t see great stories about characters. I find myself constantly asking “Why?”.
I think the reason we don’t see these stories very often is because we overlook things. Think about it… We’re busy every day with our own lives, so it’s natural that we’re going to forget things isn’t it? I think so.

So, what do we do in order to make our characters stand out from the rest?

Read between the lines. As long as you stick to the principles of Lore, and some sort of realism (A Warlock decimating Azeroth… Pfft, yeah right.), we can come up with something very interesting.

If we look at the standard structure of a character for example. There’s the Character History, the Physical Features, Current Character Developments, and Thoughts & Feelings.

That’s quite a lot to think about when you come up with a story about your character, so I break it down to make it easier.

Character History

What happened to your character before now? Did they lead a normal life, or were they abducted by an evil wrongdoer?… Get creative with this one. All of the time, I see “My parents were killed when I was young.” Great… You have issues, I’m going to stay away from you!
See? Even though we don’t know that character, our OOC selves are jumping to conclusions already. So, make us not jump to conclusions… Come up with something “Fresh”.

Physical Features

This one’s quite easy. Everyone wants their character to be “Perfect”. And by that, I mean like something from a film, or a flawless character. Whilst this is possible, and easily done; And whilst it doesn’t give a bad impression, it doesn’t give a good one, either. So again, get creative… If your character is a seasoned warrior, surely they will have scars or battle souvenirs that they can show off.

Current Character Developments

Lots of things happen to your character, that’s the fun of it. Remember, it’s easy to say no to things happening to your character, but it’s also just as easy to say yes. If you want an interesting character to play and have fun at the same time, try saying yes to things that will effect your character. You’ll find the RP more immersive, and other players will be keener to play with you too.

Thoughts & Feelings

In my opinion, this is the most important. It’s great having a sexy character that goes gallivanting in the hope to find glory, but that character has feelings. Don’t forget them. Like us, characters are shaped by their thoughts and feelings, and it’s really important that you pay this some serious thought. I find a lot of characters are set in their ways when it comes to certain things… Like… Killing for example. Lots of characters won’t kill. Why? If your characters life is at risk, they will defend themselves. It’s kill, or be killed. It makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is that some characters view don’t change. That’s unnatural, and it really detracts from the experience. Remember, don’t be afraid to change the views of the character, and remember to say yes more!

Lots of people use WoW Insider for RP guides. I don’t use them very much, but feel free to take a look because there are some interesting ones on there.


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