New Contributor – Skaraa!

Welcome once again to another instalment of Art of Roleplay. This week; A new contributor. Who? Skaraa! Woo!

The weird and wonderful draenei has decided to contribute towards the blog, so you’ll be seeing new guides (and perhaps better ones) in the near future!


So who is this person that I’m speaking of? Skaraa is perhaps one of the best RP’ers that I’ve encountered on my journeys through Azeroth. He has a wealth of knowledge about “Lore” and is known as “THE” person to go to for questions or tips about Lore and the effects on characters.

Like myself, he has built up his reputation over a number of years and pays meticulous attention to the smaller things that add up to be bigger things.

He resides on The Venture Co, and can often be found RP’ing his Draenei. If you’re lucky enough to see him, it’ll be around Ironforge. If you can’t find him, he’s probably saving peoples lives in battle, or doing something cunning!

So how is he one of the best RP’ers? Simple, he reads in between the lines and adds something to the RP which so many of us forget, or miss out.


Keep an eye out for his guides… They are going to be amazing!


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