Wardens of Azeroth

Wardens of Azeroth – Your own RP haven

Wardens of Azeroth are , in the ‘RP Guide Policies’ terms , a Neutral-Good Guild. A defence order yet cunning and careful when choosing ones decisions. Instead of a group of beserking mad-men. We are also classed as a Medium RP Guild. RP is the main aim of the Guild but we have branches of PVP and RP-PVP. Our RP-PVP team is well geared and we can also , on the side of RP, help with Arenas and Honor farming if required.

We run at least three guaranteed RP and RP-PVP events a week. These involve light/Casual RP, Meetings, D&D style, Training and other many interesting Story-lines.

We use an in character communicator system outside Guild Chat to speak with one another in character from long distances. Our Guild Chat is indeed Out of Character. Our Guild Chat is highly social-able for most of the day! ( Meaning Members tend to log on more mid afternoon- Evenings).

We also have began using Ventrilo increasingly over the past few months. Ventrilo is an OOC chat which you can talk to fellow guild members from the safety of your microphone/headsets! This is very simple to use and many great times have already been shared on it.

We have began setting up In character tasks for members to enjoy! This aids in credibility, activity and Guild Image. The reports that we ask back from the members who were given tasks , if consent is given by the player, will be posted on the website for all to see.

“Well that’s fair enough, but what do you label yourselves as In character?”- Wardens of Azeroth are a military defense order who fight to save the innocent and free them from fear of invasion and threat. In brief, We send Spell-casters, Soldiers, Specialists and Medics where we feel the innocent are in danger and a larger scale war can be prevented.

We accept all classes, all levels but we do ask that you have had some Role Play experience be it LARP, WoW, DnD or any other Role playing game. Perhaps you have engaged in some Roleplay in a friends event? Either way we can help you on your way to becoming a fantastic Role-player. We prefer having ‘Good’ Role players over evil ones, but we do have places for redemption. e.g. if your looking to turn over a new leaf and leave behind your ways of shadow, look no further in your search for acceptance (Results do vary on reputation i’m afraid but such does not stop you from applying).

To sum it up. We are democratic. Carmtan being the Leader with Gerrond, Carcia, and Skaraa at his side for decisions. Along with other supporting rolls filled by  Coboron, Teralon and Samael (Bravehearted).

We have a behavior policy to prevent our members feeling uncomfortable in the Guild. Along with an active Guild chat and online members throughout the day.

Behaviour Policy

Out behaviour Policy can be seen at the page linked below :



Visit the link below for detailed information on how to apply to The Wardens of Azeroth :


Please consider how appropriate your Character name is before joining. We do have a certain tolerance to Character names but some may be turned down.

Well, that’s all from my blabbering! I hope you can find the time to check our site out and what we are all about. Until then have a nice day and I look forward to seeing various characters and alt’s of yours popping up in the guild roster! We never turn a potential Roleplayer down.

– I am increasingly making it more clear that the Wardens of Azeroth will never leave the realm. This is our home realm and it always will be. Long live Wardens!

— Originally written by Carmtan. —


Check out the Wardens of Azeroth! – http://wardensofazeroth.wowstead.com


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