Gear Sets – Something to think about

So, we all have various different Gear Sets that we like to use during RP’ing. One thing I find is that a lot of the immersion is lost when you don’t discuss, or make it clear that you have a new set of gear.

Yes, people can see that you have new gear. Some might like it, others may dislike it. The important thing here is to have some idea, of how you came to attain this set of gear. Make sure your gear ties in with the class that your playing. Why make a paladin if your making him a warrior IC?

Try and have your gear sets tie in with your personal storyline. Why do you have it? What need is there to have it? Does it help you in any way? How did you get it?

Remember that not everyone will like your gear. Some types of gear are frowned upon. This is especially so with gear that makes use of “Fel” items. So, do your homework. I try and use gear that is questionable on times; this makes for some good spontanious RP and characters often look at you in a different way.

Also try and think about the image you want to give to others. Do you want them to like you? Dislike you? Envy you? Worry about you?

There’s a lot to think about, and even now, you have to think about your characters mood. Clothes can change your mood, or represent your mood. People think about this. Do you want to come across as being angry? Happy? Upset?

Think about all of these things, and you’ll have a perfect set of gear that will tie in to your storyline perfectly.



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