Writing a successful storyline

So, you want to get a write a story that involves your character. This can be quite a daunting thing if you have no idea where to start, or it’s your first story.

I will highlight some important things that you should remember when writing your story.

Character Background

Here’s what I do. I obviously have a background story written up for my character. The trick is, is to leave gaps in your background. You need to leave some areas blank so that you can write storylines that involve your character. Remember though, there are things that you can’t change, like your Age, Name, Place of Birth, Parents Names, etc.

By having those basic principles written down, you can create almost any story you want that is personal to your character.

Rough Draft of Story

The next thing to remember when creating a storyline is how you want it to pan out. Don’t forget, things can change very quickly depending on how people interpret things. Because of this, you need to have considered every option and turned over every leaf so that you are prepared for anything. After all, it is your storyline, you don’t want it getting hijacked…

So… You have a rough draft of a story written up. What next?

Who, Why, Where & How

Well, you need to consider why people might want to come and play your story with you. This ties in loosely with my previous post (Personal Agendas). Either way, consider what, how, when and why; when it comes to others joining in with you. Think about how they are going to fit into the story, what they are going to do, what you want them to do, how you want them to think, and how they might feel about things that happen. By pondering these things, you can get the best from players and you also have a very in depth storyline that everyone will want more of.

Initiating Your Story

Finally, you have your story written. You’ve gone over it again and softened the edges and turned it into a final product. What now?

I find that the best way to get the ball rolling is to involve other characters. Yes, it might be a story that you want to hold events for, but based on experience, these sorts of stories don’t work very well. Why? Because people don’t feel involved enough. People don’t feel the need to attend the event because you haven’t involved them personally.

So here’s what I do… Talk to people… In a private and relaxed RP environment. By doing this, you are involving them, and they will feel more obligated to attend your event because you took the time and effort to talk to them. No one likes to be a number or a faceless character, so make the effort to involve them. Talk to characters you feel may have a crucial role within the story and get them on board. By doing this, people should feel a little more excited about your event.


When it comes to writing a storyline, try and think outside the box. Yes, combat based stories can be fun, but they can also be extremely boring and monotonous. This is where you have to consider what you want and how you want it to happen. If you don’t think about this, your story can die in a heartbeat.

Book Type Storylines

This is what I aim for. Every single storyline that I release or involve other in, creates a chapter in a metaphorical book. Each story you write should have an impact on your character, otherwise what’s the point of writing it in the first place?

Make a thread on your forum, or a website for that matter. Reserve some posts and get writing. Remember! Don’t write everything at once. No one wants to know the entire story before it has even begun, so be very careful what you include in your posts. Split the posts up, and keep people interested. Refer to these posts in game and tell people about them. Spur people on and get them involved.

Last but not least, be sure to include any details in these posts that you find important. For example, players may need a background knowledge of your character before the story. Or you might want to include details of what they may need throughout the story.

All of these things increase the viability and credibility of your story. Consider them and think about them, and you’ll have a successful story. Ignore them, and no one will want to know.


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