Character Background History

Born in Western Plaguelands, Lisel Gwendolyn was set to become a powerful mage like her mother, Aegwynn. At the age of 14, she moved to Redridge where she worked at the Inn from the age of 16. Her mother disappeared suddenly and Lisel was left to fend for herself. She was befriended by a strange being who promised her that she would be like her mother. Little did Lisel know that she would be moving in the opposite direction of her mother…
Now, 27, Lisel struggles to come to grips with the truth. She finds it difficult, but with the help of others, she manages to cope. Lisel is madly in love and is currently looking for a family home with her partner.


Lisel believes that everything happens for a reason. She often questions why things happen to her, but she deals with them the best that she can. Unfortunately, this often leads to her doubting herself and becoming withdrawn as she doesn’t want to accept the truth. Because of her past experiences, it has made her somewhat cautious. She likes to think things through and can often be seen alone, thinking. There are times when Lisel is impulsive, but these don’t often occur. She is most likely to be impulsive when her own personal safety is at risk or when something she cares about is liekly to be threatened.
Due to her condition and her self doubt, it has led to her developing an eating disorder. She very rarely eats and this can be seen by her slim figure. When she does eat however, she prefers nice food, that has been prepared well in advance.
She is somewhat spineless. This is because of her past experiences, but at the same time can be valorous. It depends on her mood and how strongly she feels about something.

Due to Lisels appearance, she often comes across as lustfull. Whilst this may be the case on times, during her demonic cycles, her urges take first priority. During this time, she turns into an individual of chaste and turns away from all senses of personal pleasure. Lisel is somewhat a Sadomasochist and often finds pleasure in the affliction of pain on herself. One could say that she causes her own pain. This ties in with her lack of self discipline and fear of her past.
She often gives whatever she can to others. She is not a selfish person, unless she feels hurt. At that point, she will turn selfish. You will often see her offer her seat to others.
Because of her past, being truthful can often be difficult, but she always tries to remain truthful to the things she loves the most. Mainly her partner. She is loyal and will not do anything knowingly to jeapordise her relationship. She often turns her back on the truth because it hurts too much, and prefers to live in a world that is just and full of love.
Lisel is a gentle and kind being. She would not hurt anyone on purpose. However, during her cycles she does turn a little brutal. One could say this is because she is allowing her urges to take over. Others might say it is her dealing with the problem. Either way, don’t stand in Lisels way when she is standing up for something she loves, she will turn nasty.
She does attempt to remain lawful most of the time. Due to her past however, it means that she often breaks the law. She does not throw it in peoples faces though. She prefers to be away from prying eyes when breaking the law… This could be because she is disgusted with herself for doing so, and feels terrible for allowing things to reach that level.
Lisel is generally a forgiving person, within reason. Hurt what she loves and she will hold a grudge against you. So, it’s best not to hurt anything she loves if you plan on remaining a friend of hers.
Being lawful is something that Lisel always attempts to be. She doesn’t want to face reality that she often breaks the law and because of this, her moods and feelings can sometimes be chaotic. At times like this, it is best to leave her be.

Other Information

Lisel often wears nice clothes, and the clothes she wears often reflects her mood and feelings. This is often a dead give away as to how she is feeling about something. Be warned, she does have some “questionable” attire.
She always tries to smell sweet for everyone. No one likes a bad smell. This might be because of how she feels about herself. Because she wants everyone to like her and wwants to hide her past, she finds it important to remain well groomed and maintain a good image, regardless of how she is feeling.
She is madly in love. This can be seen from a mile off. When her partner is present, she will often take the backseat and remains quiet. After all, he is more important than her and allows him to take the lead. This is clear when other Commanders are present also. It could be said that she is upholding the old fashioned status of a “woman”. Speak when spoken to, and do as your told.
Because of what she is, she is often withdrawn. She often feels numb inside and voices often get the better of her. She has illusions and often has nightmares.

Character Update – 25 April 2012

Lisel is now engaged to Skaraa. After a lot of waiting, her dreams have finally come true. They have recently purchased their first home in Hillsbrad and are in the process of moving there.
Lisel has also been promoted to a Commander. She now acts as an advisor to the other Commanders and helps with members.


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